Who could use our guide to fleet graphics? Anyone who is involved in the vehicle graphic selection process for their organization, regardless of their title or position, will find this guide to fleet graphics useful. Fleet graphics are an important part of a fleet or marketing manager’s job. But it’s not only fleet managers and marketing managers that can use this book. It’s anyone, from the owner of a small business to the CEO of a large corporation, this guide to fleet graphics can help you.

Let it Guide You to the Best Results

The Guide leads you through the decision process. For example, is a full wrap, partial, or plotter cut decals your best option? What information should be included and where? What about colors, fonts, images, contact information, and taglines? We cover all in this 50-page guide.

After the Wrap

We touch on warranties as well as care and maintenance. We share what to do if the graphics are damaged, and even share common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid in the fleet graphics and vehicle wrap process.

How Long and How Much

We discuss how long it can take and how much it might cost, how to find the best installer, proper pre-application preparation, and the differences in adhesive vinyl materials.

What is The Fleet Manager’s Free Guide to Fleet Graphics?

What is The Fleet Manager’s Guide to Fleet Graphics? It’s your checklist. Choosing graphics that represent your brand, look great, and will last — isn’t easy. And it doesn’t stop there; in most cases, graphics will be on the fleet for years to come. With that in mind, we’ve tried to cover as many of the challenges, options, pitfalls, and suggestions any fleet manager may need — from designing to maintaining and repairing vehicle graphics, it’s all right here.

The Fleet Manager’s Guide to Fleet Graphics is available on Amazon for $4.99, but don’t do that. Click here on the TKO Graphix landing page and scroll to the bottom for a free copy. We ask for your contact information, but we promise not to bug you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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We’re a fleet and vehicle graphics company and since 1985, we’ve been helping businesses, large and small, brand their fleet of tractor-trailers, service trucks and company vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of thousands or a few vehicles, we are here to lead you through the vehicle branding process.

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