When you looked at this custom wrap did you even need to read what it said to know what business Berger Hargis is in? It’s pretty self-evident this vehicle is a landscaping truck. Wrapping a box truck isn’t all about making it beautiful, although the Berger Hargis truck is, it’s about sending a message. It’s about connecting with potential customers. That’s what this wrap accomplishes. It sends a clear message.

The Design

I especially like what TKO Graphix designer Jamie Burch did with the side panels. He used them as an integral part of the design almost as if they are windows and doorways projecting into the bucolic scene. Green plains and blue skies fit the Berger Hargis logo perfectly; the tree becomes part of the landscape. Shaded yellow and white fonts share contact information on every side of the vehicle making for a great call to action. Did you notice the cab wind deflector? It’s almost part of the sky. This wrap sends a positive message.

Who is Berger Hargis Landscape Management?

Berger Hargis Landscape Management was formed in 1994. Bryan Berger and Chris Hargis culminated a lifelong dreams of owning their own businesses. Both Bryan and Chris have lived in the Indianapolis area and worked in the Green Care industry throughout their entire adult lives. Collectively, they hold license and/or certifications in ornamental tree and shrub care, lawn care, aquatic maintenance, and Bryan is a certified arborist. – Berger Hargis Company page

What Message do your Company Vehicles Send?

One look at the Berger Hargis Landscaping Management box truck and you know what they do. And that’s big. It means anyone with a landscaping need will look at it. It means folks don’t have to try and search and read what it is that they do. And it means all that any interested consumer has to do is capture the contact information. Ask yourself, does your work truck do that or do consumers have to guess what you do? If you’d like to learn more about how to broadcast your message on your vehicles contact us we’ll be happy to receive your message.