We’ve worked with NK Hurst on several projects over the past few years, and it’s always a pleasure. Working on this Hurst Beans full wrap was no exception.

I had the privilege to ask Tony Snider, VP of NK Hurst Company, a few questions about Hurst Beans experience with TKO Graphix. Here’s what Tony had to say.

Tony Snider, VP of NK Hurst Co.  Interview

Why did you choose TKO Graphix for this Hurst Beans full wrap?

“TKO developed artwork and wrapped two trailers several years ago. We are very happy with the quality of work.  The trailers look as good now as when they were first installed.”

Time Lapse Video of Wrapping the Hurst Beans Trailer

You’ve worked with our organization for several years what keeps you coming back?

“Your reputation and people. Even though we didn’t go forward on a previous signage project for our downtown location, Lee and others provided top-notch ideas with the highest courtesy. This, hits home.”

What’s been your experience working with the team at TKO Graphix?

“The simplicity and seamless process of the quote, artwork, and installation. Our point of contact on the sales end made us feel like a top client. The content discussion with graphics went smooth and the final product, even better.”

How have your vehicle graphics helped your business?

“We don’t purchase outdoor media. Our “rolling” billboards provide awareness, education, and social media direction about our business and brands.”

What’s new, special, or exciting at Hurst that you’d like to share?

“In 2019/2020 we will introduce organic dry bean soups to our line of America’s Best Bean Soups.”

 Who is the NK Hurst Company?

“Founded in 1938, the N.K. Hurst Company began its business in the trading of coffee, tea, sugar, and other food commodities. Starting in 1947, the Hurst name became recognized in the industry as being a first quality packager of edible dry beans. In 1963, Hurst partnered with a local company to create a dry ham flavoring for his beans. The HamBeens® brand name was trademarked and became the first mass produced seasoned dry bean product in the country. “ — About Hurst Beans

Did I mention Recipes? 

Warning: This link may lead to a rabbit hole that pulls you in. Okay, I like to cook, and I love to try new recipes so, for me this site is awesome. It’s Hurst Beans Recipes. There are hundreds of recipes that can be sorted by cuisine, occasion, main ingredient, and cooking method. So, do you need a recipe for the 4th of July using pork on a grill? Have fun, Hurst Beans Recipes

The Hurst Beans Full Wrap

The Hurst Beans full wrap, which means both sides, and the rear of the trailer are completely covered with adhesive vinyl graphics. The background shows a field of beans, row after row of green plants against a baby blue sky. The message is clear. This is good for you. It’s healthy, nutritious, and it tastes good. The logo of the 15 Bean Soup bag is recognizable to anyone who has traveled the bean aisle in most grocery stores. It adds instant recognition to the design.

Now the message becomes it’s Hurst Beans that are good for you and good to eat. This wrap sends a positive message and if you’re like me when I saw it, I was ready for some beans and cornbread. I made enough to take some to my dad.

If we can help you with your fleet graphics, Contact Us regardless of the type of car or truck you have we have the perfect full wrap recipe for you.

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