This time lapse trailer wrap video condenses more than 4 hours of work into less than 2 minutes. It’s six certified vinyl graphics applicators, installing a full wrap on a Hurst Beans 53’ trailer. And that’s before the trailer was de-identified (the removal of old graphics). The trailer also received prep work, including spot sanding, painting, and sandblasting.

Where Do You Start?

The wrap begins with preparation. After removal of all graphics, the trailer is thoroughly cleaned and dried. The next step is confirming measurements and lining up the panels. The time lapse trailer wrap video shows that the wrap is not one complete graphic. It’s a series of panels. Once the panels are lined up, the protective pre-mask  and the backing are removed. After checking the alignment of the panels, squeegees are used to remove air pockets and ensure seamless adhesion of the decal. Heat is applied to further smooth the application. The attention to detail in areas, such as rivets, equipment, and edges could make the difference between a wrap remaining appealing for years, or peeling away in a short while, due to bad weather, road chemicals, and the sun.

We hope this video shows the expertise, knowledge, and hard work certified and qualified vinyl graphics applicators put into their work. We’re certainly proud of the dedication and effort our crews put into the job. If you’d like to become a vinyl graphics installer, check out the United Applications Standards Group, or contact us about installation training and employment opportunities.

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