My last traffic violation citation was for speeding. I was ticketed by an Indianapolis Airport Authority Police officer. It was me who was in the wrong. I was going too fast. Although I didn’t enjoy paying the fine, I have to say the deputy was professional, as well as personable.  So, what’s this have to do with the vehicle graphics? Not a thing, but I wanted to share that the Indianapolis Police Authority is made up of good people who are great customers to partner with.

The Graphic

An emergency vehicle has to stand out. Sirens alone aren’t enough. People need to know a police car as soon as they see it. I’ve seen emergency vehicles where it wasn’t instantly evident it was an emergency vehicle, and that’s not good. Not the case with the ADP (Airport Police Department) anyone who encounters this ADP Ford Explorer knows who it is at first glance.

A Police Car should be Easy to Identify

Reflective adhesive vinyl was used for all of the graphics on this vehicle, cut decals on the doors, the shield, emergency 911, and the Canine Unit window decals. What is Reflective Adhesive Vinyl?

The fonts are straight forward and easy to read, and the colors contrast well.

Information should be Easy to Find

There are unit numbers front and rear, and Canine Unit and Emergency 911 decals on both sides. They’re not only easy to read, but also easy to find. The Police decal with the black swoop is on the left and right doors. The Police logo is eye-catching and denotes authority. It’s a great example police vehicle graphic. Here are  5 Keys to Police Graphic Design.

Who is the ADP? 

“The Indianapolis Airport Authority Police Department (APD) was founded in 1971. The APD ensures the safety and security of the Indianapolis International Airport and its associated reliever airports in Marion, Hamilton, Hendricks and Morgan counties.

Our mission is to protect the airport community through prevention, partnership and professional service. That commitment and dedication extends to not only our airport tenants and employees, but to the millions of visitors and passengers who pass through the airport each year. We are devoted to maintaining the best airport police department in the country.” — Indianapolis International Airport

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