TKO Graphix has had the honor and privilege of working with outstanding organizations on captivating projects, such as this White River Gardens project at the Indianapolis Zoo, created by the world renowned artist, Yves Lanthier. The Indianapolis Zoo Butterfly exhibit is a wonderful place and it was a fun project.

The Goal — Attract Guests to the Exhibit

Jo Hohlbien, Director of Creative Services for the Indianapolis Zoo, explained the Zoo is more than exotic animals with a world class aquarium because it’s home to a top notch botanical garden and a one-of-a-kind butterfly exhibit. When asked about the purpose of the exterior graphics, she said, “We wanted to attract people by creating a window into the building so guests knew what they were going to see behind those walls.”

Are people Attracted to the Display?

The graphics are a combination of giant mobiles, banners, and artwork—all combined to bring guests to the gardens. Jo added, “The graphics are bright and exciting. People see it as soon as they get out of their cars. Because they’re attracted and want to investigate. So, it’s become a photo opportunity that draws guests into the area.”

What’s Inside the The Indianapolis Zoo Butterfly Exhibit?

It’s an indoor tropical garden ruled by butterflies. They’re everywhere you look. You breathe in their beauty and feel their presence as they surround you. If you’d like to learn more, check out the Butterfly Kaleidoscope.

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