If you live in central Indiana, you’re probably aware of the West Coast Taco Food trucks, and I hope you’ve tried their wonderful Korean tacos. TKO Graphix has had the privilege of designing, producing, and installing graphics on all of West Coast Taco’s trucks. The above video shows their first truck, all black, with a series of decals. In this case, the decals are as effective as a complete vehicle wrap, but without the expense. The WCT trucks are a good example of why a full wrap is not always necessary — or even the best choice – if it’s well planned. We hope you enjoy this video on installing food truck decals

The video features Bill Moss, TKO Graphix Installation Manager, cleaning, measuring, marking, and applying a West Coast Taco decal. Bill makes it look easy, because he’s done this for a long time — a very long time.

If you plan to install graphics on your vehicle(s), consider whether a full wrap is needed to deliver your message. Because it might be that decals are a better fit for your advertising needs.

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