I met Dave from Jasper Engines in the break room at TKO Graphix. He’s a retired farmer from down around Jasper, Indiana. His son has taken over the farm. The tradition lives on. The only problem is that after he  retired Dave figured out he wasn’t ready to slow to a stop. Now he transports vehicles for Jasper Engines. He’s driven all over for Jasper Engines, even to the west coast and back. Dave has his CDL, and he’s an experienced driver. He’s driven every type of truck and tractor on the farm for more years than he can count. The job is a good fit.

What’s any of this have to do with the Jasper Engine wraps other than Dave delivers the plain white trucks and returns the finished product? What’s important is how he talked about Jasper Engines, he said they were good people doing good work, and they treated him with respect. And that’s not something you find in every workplace, is it?

I remember a story about a hiring manager who would take employment candidates out to lunch to see how they treated the wait staff. If they were demanding, gruff, or acted superior, he wanted no part of them. He looked for people who treated others with kindness and respect. And that’s what Dave taught me about Jasper Engines. If they treat a part time driver with kindness and respect how do you think they treat their customers?

Who Is Jasper Engines?

“JASPER has been remanufacturing quality products since 1942, and today we are the nation’s largest remanufacturer of gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axle assemblies, marine engines, stern drives, performance engines, and electric motors.

JASPER’s over 2000 Associates and 44 branch and distributor locations are committed to providing you with the perfect product. Our processes and procedures are designed to produce a quality component that will meet or exceed the expectations of every one of our customers.

And, we back up that commitment with a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty on our gas engines, transmissions, and differentials. That means you can have confidence in your vehicle’s performance for years to come, and confidence in JASPER for life.” — Jasper Engines

The Wrap

The wrap is effective because it tells a story in pictures, shares contact information, and uses copy effectively. The copy explains what they do and who they are. It’s all tied together with striking images, good use of color, highly readable fonts, and a nationally known logo. It works.

If you’d like to learn more about fleet graphics Contact Us, or just send your driver over, and I’ll meet him or her in our break room and chat over a cup of coffee.