Have you ever set up a trade show booth? Did it have tiny nuts and bolts and instructions that showed part A attaches to section Z? Did it take hours to set up? I have, it’s no fun, and regardless that the booth was effective it made the job harder than it needed to be. Worse yet, eventually some of those little pieces got lost and damaged.

There’s more to consider in trade show booth design than appearance. For example, storage can be significant. Is it easy to store, does it take up a lot of space when it’s put away, and most importantly is it protected? 2- Minute video: Setting up, tearing down, and storing a 10 x 10 display.

It’s not a brochure

What works for collateral material in 2 dimensions may not fit a booth. Show exhibits are 3D they have a front, back, sides and sometimes a top. The design must flow over the entire space not stick out like one page in a magazine.

Brand it

Your display should reflect your brand. Corporate colors, fonts, and logos should be used. If your corporate colors are blue and orange, don’t create a purple and black booth. Your booth should add to your brand image not detract from it.

One Message

Don’t overload show attendees with information. You have three seconds or less to capture their attention. Attempting to send multiple messages can be confusing. Your company logo and name should be included in the display, but it doesn’t have to be front and center. If your message is about a problem you solve for your clients, use your message to attract visitors.

Create Storage Space

After your display is set you’ll need somewhere to store the boxes and crates it’s transported in, and show workers will need somewhere to keep personal items. One answer is to make storage cases part of the booth by covering them with graphics.


Set a budget with your provider before beginning design. An attractively designed booth can help a team succeed, but a great team with a table and a few banners is capable of surprising results. How to engage prospects at a trade show. The best case is a great display AND a great team. If you’d like to talk about displays, contact us. We have a great team and can build amazing displays.

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