So, what is knifeless vehicle wrap tape? Picture this. You own a small business; let’s say an HAVC company or a delivery service. You have a fleet of vehicles; they could be vans, box trucks, or pickups. You invested in a vehicle wrap design for your fleet. You’ve just turned in three of your six leased vehicles. The problem is when the leasing agency removed your company wrap, the wrap you thought was protecting the paint, they found cuts all over the surface. Now they tell you all three vehicles need repainted and guess who’s obligated to pay for it? Have you ever heard of knifeless vehicle wrap tape?

It Happens

Does the story above sound far-fetched? It happens, and the reason it happens is inexperienced adhesive vinyl applicators. An installer has to know what they’re doing before they start trimming vinyl with a blade. If not, you end up with a leased company van or truck that needs repainted. Ouch. There’s another way to avoid knife cuts to a vehicles surface, and that’s Knifeless Vehicle Wrap Tape.

What is Knifeless Vehicle Wrap Tape?

Knifeless tape is a specialty product designed to replace blades during vehicle graphics installation. The way it works is a filament runs down the center of the tape. The tape is highly flexible and can be used around curves such as wheel wells and fenders. The knifeless tape is placed on the substrate before the adhesive vinyl is applied. Once the vinyl has been installed the thread is pulled through the graphic for a bladeless cut. Ingenious, isn’t it? 3M manufactures this product and offers several types of knifeless tape. Here’s what 3M shares about one of their knifeless tape products.

  • Easily cuts most vinyl wrap films
  • Patented design turns easily in any direction to follow contours and curves
  • For single or multiple vinyl layer applications

3M Knifeless Tapes

If you don’t want to be that business owner or worse yet the fleet manager that has to tell the business owner that three of your fleet vehicles need to be painted to honor the lease agreement, then save the headache by using an established vehicle wrap provider. Tape might not work for every vehicle wrap installation, but it does for many. Ask the vehicle wrap team if they use knifeless vehicle wrap tape. It could save you a lot of pain and uncalled for expense. If we can answer any questions about vehicle wrap installation, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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