Before I talk about the Lampliter vehicle graphics I want to introduce John Dewaal. I met John in the TKO Graphix upstairs breakroom. I introduced myself and asked if he was waiting on a vehicle graphics installation. He was. It was his truck, or rather a work truck for the company he founded last July, The Lampliter.

John saw a problem that didn’t have a good solution. HOA’S (Homeowners Associations) almost all have exterior lighting and lamp post requirements, but when one is damaged where do you go to get it repaired? Good question. John created an answer. With the help of his two college aged sons he repairs and replaces exterior lighting for HOA’s and homeowners, helping them with their exterior lighting challenges. And he does this while maintaining a full-time position as a marketing consultant. I’m guessing John doesn’t like to sit still.

Who Is Lampliter and What Do They Do?

“We have found one of the primary reasons homeowners’ associations struggle with the upkeep of Yard Lights in their communities is the difficulty finding a reliable resource to service Lamp Posts. The Lampliter provides professional outdoor lighting service with a focus on Lamp Post replacement, repair and refinishing.” — The Lampliter HOA program

“Lampliter is dedicated to perfecting the beauty of your house with a professionally installed or repaired outdoor and yard light. Don’t let the beauty of your home get lost in the darkness of an ugly lamp light.” The Lampliter Facebook

The Connection

I asked John how he connected with TKO Graphix and he shared an interesting story. A friend of John’s had used 3M adhesive vinyl for wall graphics at his mother’s pharmacy in Columbus, Ohio. They told John how happy they were with the material and work. So, John asked who did vehicle graphics work in Indianapolis. His friend asked the 3M rep and they immediately answered TKO Graphix and recommended TKO’s National Sales Consultant Jason Scheurer. It helps to have a reputation for knowing what you’re doing and offering outstanding service. Jason has that reputation.

The Lampliter Vehicle Graphics

Here’s how the Lampliter vehicle graphics design evolved. When John first imagined vehicle graphics he pictured a full wrap with multiple colors, images, and more. However, working with Jason, our design team, and John’s sons, they focused on the message Lampliter wanted to send.

The message was simple. Lampliter had a quality solution to a problem many homeowners and HOA’s faced – a reliable fix for lamp posts gone bad. Just ask homeowners who lost lamp posts during the record high winds in Central Indiana late February 2019.

So how do you drive that message home? To begin with, although it could be done with a full or partial wrap it wasn’t necessary. Plotter cut decals could do the job. The Lamp post logo in its half circle of light grabs your attention, which then draws the eye to the contact information, phone and website. That’s followed by a three-bullet point list of Lamliter’s services: repair, refinish, replace. (Gotta love alliteration!)

The company name and contact information are repeated on the door. And then to cover all points of view the logo is on the front hood and window perf is used on the back window. The Lampliter Vehicle Graphics vehicle  lite it up.

If you have any questions or we can help you with your fleet graphic needs Contact Us, we’ll leave a light on for you.

Would you like to see some great photos of Lamplite’s work, if so go to, The Lampliter Pinterest

If you have an exterior lighting problem and would like to know if Lampliter can help, here’s a link to the services they offer with prices! The Lampliter Services