So, what would you see if you looked at your fleet graphics from the customers point of view? It doesn’t matter if your business is a B2C (Business to Consumer) such as, a retail outlet, B2B (Business to Business) for example, a service provider, or a not-for-profit charitable organization — visitors judge your organization by its appearance and your cars and trucks are part of who you are. Vehicle graphics can be a customer’s first impression of a company. What do your vehicles say about your organization? What impression do they make? If you’re uncertain, take a walk out to where your vehicles are parked and look at them through the eyes of a customer or prospective client. Walk in their shoes. Looking at your fleet graphics from the customer’s point of view only takes a few minutes. It’s worth the time. Who knows what you’ll find.

The Right Stuff 

When you look at your fleet note how the adhesive vinyl is holding up. Is it torn, faded, or showing signs of stress such as air bubbles? “High-quality graphic films will stand the test of time in a variety of climates. However, not all films are built to withstand rigorous road conditions. A key determinant of a wrap’s longevity is the durability of the film. A film’s durability refers to its strength against elements such as weathering and other outdoor exposures. Lesser quality films are more likely to fail under harsh outdoor
conditions over a shorter period.” — 5 film factors to consider when wrapping your fleet.

Looking at Your Fleet Graphics from the Customers Point of View

Did Your Vehicle Graphics  Speak to You as a Customer?

Does the design send a clear message? Or is it confusing and muddled? Would a new customer know what you offer? Would a casual passerby understand what you do? Do the fleet graphics speak to you? Because if they don’t speak to you, will they reach your customer?

Was the Information Easy to Find?

Were vital details such as contact information and product easy to find? Were the key points repeated on the front, back, and both sides of the vehicles?

Are Your Vehicle Graphics Too Complicated?

Is the message confused or lost because of TMI (Too Much Information), poor color selection, outdated design, or hard to read fonts?

Did You Recognize Your Brand?

Is your brand unified across marketing and advertising initiatives? If a potential customer is familiar with your logo would they immediately know it was you just by viewing your vehicles?

Do Your Vehicle Graphics Speak Quality?

When you walked into your parking lot and looked at your fleet vehicles sign, did it speak quality to you? Were the cars and trucks clean, well-maintained, and in good repair? What do poorly maintained vehicles and cheap fleet graphics say about your organization? Fleet graphics shouldn’t be a place to cut corners.

 What Did You Learn?

Hopefully, you learned that your fleet graphics meet your customer’s needs. But if not, it’s a great exercise to determine what you can do to meet customer expectations and reach your target audience. If you’d like a second opinion, we’d be happy to look at your fleet graphics from the consumer’s point of view. But we need to warn you we’re a tough customer. Contact Us.

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