I met Mr. and Mrs. Lowe in the TKO breakroom. They were waiting for their work trailer wrap to be cmpleted. I introduced myself, and we chatted about vehicle graphics, business, and the world in general. When I asked Jonathan about his business, he told me he and his son Joel had begun the business to help folks survive. I asked what he meant, and he passionately explained how a Kohler generator could serve and save people when the power went out in a storm, accident, or blackout. He shared how the generator could produce heat and light, and Mrs. Lowe added that food would be saved in the fridge and freezer. Warmth, food and light—they all sound pretty important to me.


The Work Trailer Wrap Design

How many times have we repeated simpler is better? 10-20-50 times? We will continue to repeat this battle cry because it’s true. Vehicle graphics should be easy to read and tell their story in seconds, which may be all the time a passing driver has to decipher any message. The graphics on the Lowe Sales trailer share contact information in big bold letters, and not only explain what the truck is carrying, but show a photo of it—a Kohler generator. And it shares a tagline that drives the meaning home, “Keep your power on even when the power’s off.”  Simply put, this trailer graphic creates some electricity.

Who is Kohler Generator?    

Since 1920, when Kohler introduced their first power plant to farmers and rural citizens, Kohler has been helping America keep the lights on. “Today, Kohler has taken its rightful place on the leading edge of total solutions for residential, commercial and industrial standby/emergency power, distributed power, recreational power, rental, power for special events and more. And as the company sees demand for new and different kinds of power expanding to levels previously unseen, the commitment to innovative products, world-class engineering, responsive after-sale support and unmatched value is stronger than ever.” Kohler Power about

Should You own a Kohler Generator?

In November, our furnace went out at home. The first person who looked at it told us it was good we had a fireplace so we wouldn’t freeze. Later, a technician diagnosed what was wrong and fixed it. It hit home how dependent we were on the power grid and infrastructure. Will there be a time when my family will need and depend on a generator? I don’t know, but I’d say the odds favor that we will. If you’d like to know more about Kohler generators, call the experts at Lowe Sales, 812-939-1122. If you’d like to know more about trailer wraps, contact us. We’ll help you start a buzz with your trailers. We’ll help you create some electricity.