The Marvin Johnson and Associates fleet graphics work, that much is obvious. But why does this vehicle wrap work? What makes this vehicle graphic stand out, and more importantly what mistakes does this design avoid?

KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

This full wrap is simple, deceptively so, purposely so. That doesn’t mean it was simple to design, just the opposite, creating a simple vehicle graphic design isn’t simple. Because making a vehicle graphic stand out when it competes every day with thousands of others isn’t easy.

The Road

The first thing that captures your attention is the road; blacktop, with a double yellow line, and white curbs curving into the distance. Looks easy, doesn’t it? However, change the perspective, angle, size, or shape only slightly, and it could look like the rendering of a third-grade art class assignment.

The Contrast

Did you notice the lettering for “Truck Insurance?” It begins in yellow, switches to white, and then back to yellow. One more thing, the yellow “T” is against a yellow background, which ordinarily would make it disappear—you’d be left with “ruck Insurance.” Instead, because it’s  outlined in black, the letters stand out, and “Truck” shadowed in black also show well.

The Message

The message is simple. It’s not overcrowded, attempting to share too much information and overloading everyone who views the vehicle. It’s simple—truck insurance, safety services, and the name of the organization.

Who is Marvin Johnson and Associates?

“Marvin Johnson & Associates (MJAI) are specialists in a specialized world, concentrating on the highly specific and ever-changing demands of the trucking industry. Founder Marvin Johnson spent a career writing life, auto and truck insurance policies. And a decade of concentrating exclusively on truck insurance before opening Marvin Johnson & Associates in 1971. During those ten years (operating from a friend’s truck terminal), Marvin Johnson researched the trucking industry and learned everything he could from its drivers.

Over the years, as sons Steve, Mike and Roger became integral parts of the business, the company earned a reputation for leadership and growth in the industry. Hard work and dedicated service have given Marvin Johnson & Associates the ability to stay abreast of developments in the trucking industry from its central location.

Steady and significant increases in annual growth rate has positioned Marvin Johnson & Associates among the top 25 truck insurers in the U.S. Marvin Johnson & Associates partners only with firms of equal reputation allowing the company to determine the best possible match of client needs, required services and competitive rates.” About Marvin Johnson and Associates

Does Your Vehicle Graphic Stand Out?

Do your fleet graphics stand out, capture attention, and bring leads? If not it might be time to take a hard look at your vehicle graphic design. If you’d like our advice Contact Us, we’ll help you keep it simple.