Muscle cars should be understated; they don’t require multi-colored digital graphics with an image of Thor throwing lightning bolts to stand out. They already throw bolts of lightning—the thunderous sound of an American made V-8 rolling forward from a red light or the flash of a side panel reminiscent of a 1968 classic as it cruises I-70 are enough to create images of strength.

This modern piece of muscle, a Chevrolet Camaro, is wrapped in a matte black finish from top to bottom. The entire body and every complex curve of this machine have been carefully covered. Only the wheels, equipment, and glass remain uncovered. The package sends a message—don’t tread on me.

What is Matte Finish?          

Matte finish is a flat non-reflecting finish or material, which absorbs light rather reflecting it. This article explains the difference in light and energy absorption between a gloss and a matte finish. “A highly absorbing surface, like the matte black of a blackboard, has a higher transfer of light to energy at the surface. Consequently the board will become warmer or hotter than the ambient temperature in strong direct sunlight. Equally a mirror with a very high reflection level will absorb very little energy and will remain close to the ambient temperature.”

Making the Muscle Stand Out

Since its introduction in 1967 the Chevy Camaro has won the hearts and minds of auto enthusiast around the world.  More than 220,000 were sold the first year, and in the last 47 years more than five million have been purchased. With so many still on the street and more joining the cruise everyday—it’s easy to get lost. The only thing that gets lost on this matte black finished Camaro—is the reflected light.

If you’d like to learn more about matte and similar finishes let us know, there are multiple finishes and colors available to mix and match; we’d be happy to help you flex your muscles.