While roaming the halls of TKO Graphix, I walked into the installation bay. A box truck in the process of a full wrap drew me to it. Something about the design caught my eye, so I walked over to it and chatted with our team of installers. It was the Midwest Bale Ties box truck wrap.

Pulled to the Truck

What pulled me to the Midwest Bale Ties box truck wrap was the overall design. The layout uses the Midwest Bale Ties logo, same as on their website. The background enhances the logo. Too often we see backgrounds that take away from the logo and the message. Not this one – it adds to it.

Directly below the logo is the website URL. It’s in plain sight and big enough be seen by a passing farmer on interstate I 70. Behind the logo are rolls of box and baling wire and then a red swoop separates a scattering of bale ties with the phone number (local and toll) under that. This wrap works!

Who is Midwest Bale Ties?

“Midwest Bale Ties is a family owned and operated manufacturer of single looped bale ties, baler wire, and various other wire products used in a wide range of industries including recycling, packaging, construction, and agricultural. We pride ourselves on quality products, order and product flexibility, and superior communication and service.

Using the best quality American made raw material Midwest Bale Ties is able to offer dependable products at both bulk and individual quantities. We have various sizes and gauges of single looped bale ties and baler wire available in finishes of galvanized, black annealed and coated steel. We also offer flute wire, ceiling or hanger wire, stump wire, and various custom wire solutions.” — Midwest Bale Ties

How Can We Help?

If you’d like to learn more about what TKO Graphix can do for your fleet, Contact Us, we won’t “tie” you up, and we’d be happy to “bale” you out with our creative vehicle graphics designs.