It’s a winning wrap! Last year TKO Graphix ran a Win-A-Wrap contest. So, we asked organizations to write why they deserved to win a wrap. Agape Therapeutic Riding Center was one of the winners. Here’s their winning letter and a winning wrap.

Agape PickupA Winning Letter

Agape Therapeutic Riding Center, a Premier Accredited Riding Center through Path Int’l (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International), is deserving of a vehicle wrap for a plethora of reasons. The wrap is for our Miniature Horse Hauler. Which is used to transport miniature horses all across central Indiana in order for them to share the Unbridled Hope that Agape is known for.

The miniature horses provide programming to several hundred people per year through partnerships with organizations such as Joy’s House Adult Day Service in Indianapolis. Where they provide Memory Lane programming working with participants that have a lifelong diagnosis.

The miniature horses are also utilized for Equine Facilitated Learning programming. In partnership with AYS Inc. before and after school programs, the mini’s are utilized to enrich the learning environment of children after school. They provide onsite programming to children of all ages teaching character and leadership skills as well as math and reading skills.

As an organization that serves more than 2000 individuals per year and has over 300 active volunteers per week. Marketing is a crucial part of our continued success as a non-profit organization. The vehicle wrap would allow for better advertising of our services, give a chance to display vendors that make our work possible, and provide a fun and unique way for our miniature horses to ride around in style.

A Winning Organization

Agape Therapeutic Riding Center was the dream of Cheryl Miller and her daughter Dawn. Founded in 1986, they wanted to take their effort from, “A summer riding program for children with disabilities using the therapeutic value of horses to rehabilitate.” To a full time, year-round program. Cheryl achieved her dream and it continues today. Unfortunately,  she realized her dream after Dawn’s tragic passing in 1992.

Their mission statement is clear. “Agape cultivates personal growth by strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through unique horse-facilitated experiences.”

winning wrap -- Agape Horse Pickup Trailer

Winning Wrap

A Winning Wrap

Not only did Agape Therapeutic win the wrap, but the wrap itself is a winning design. And, to top it off, this vehicle transports miniature horses to schools, nursing homes, community centers, and churches! Who doesn’t love miniature horses!?

The Agape logo stands out on the door, and then the angled, color branded stripes draw the eye to the wheelchair bound child feeding a horse, which leads to the contact information. This wrap looks great, and it works. However, look at the photo at the top of this post and picture miniature horses like Smokey, a bay paint gelding. Or Rosie, a bay mare miniature, or Cici, a buckskin mare, or all three in this vehicle! Just picture it! If you were riding in a car you’d shout, “Look, it’s tiny horses!” You know you would, and so would I.

A Winning Combination

Agape and TKO are a winning combination, and that’s hard to beat. So, if you’d like to be part of a winning team with your fleet graphics and vehicle wraps, Contact Us, because we can help you bring home the trophy.

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