I decided to have a wee bit of fun (does that sound English?) with today’s blog. The photograph of this Fuzzy Vodka wrapped vehicle was taken in March of 2009, almost 5 years ago. That’s before TKO had a blog. I didn’t have the slightest idea about the make and model of this car—I had to ask. Do you recognize it? If you know what it is, and you’re not an employee of TKO or Fuzzy’s Vodka, correctly be the first to name this vehicle and we’ll send you a mini padfolio. The padfolio’s are excellent on-the-go organizers—we use them ourselves.

As we’ve shared in this previous Fuzzy’s Vodka Photo Blog their product is an internationally recognized award winning vodka, which I’ve been known to sample and can personally attest to its character and kick, but that’s not all that they do.

Fuzzy’s is more than Vodka

Fuzzy’s Vodka Racing is one of many Fuzzy’s Vodka ventures. Last May I was meeting with friends, seated outside Dawson’s on Main, when the table next to us ordered a round of Fuzzy’s. It was ordered neat, on the rocks, and dirty. It took us a second to realize we were seated next to racing notables including Mari Hulman George, Chairman of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I don’t want to talk out of turn because I don’t know what Mrs. George ordered. What I do know is this group was supporting their own. Our table followed suit and ordered Fuzzy’s.

Back to this Funny Little Car

If you can name this car—the padfolio is yours. And if you don’t need it I’m sure you know someone who does. So…what is this car?

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