What’s the key to any vehicle graphic design? It’s understanding the needs of the customer and their customer as well. The decals, which comprise the Nolan Security vehicle graphics,  fit the needs of the business because they fit the needs of their customer.

If this vehicle graphic were for a food catering service, HVAC provider, or a retailer, then the entire look and feel of the graphics would be different because those customers, and their customers, aren’t the same as Nolan Security’s clients. So here’s my point.

Too often today we see vehicle graphics that look alike, that are on size fits all, because they share the same bright colors, predictable fonts, and boring stock images. A food service, heating and air, and security company shouldn’t have vehicle graphics based on the same formula because they should fit the needs of the customer and their customer, for example.

Effective Air an Effective Wrap

Corner Bakery Wrap

How Should A Security Vehicle Look?

A security vehicle needs to project professionalism, as well as authority because of how and where it’s used. Therefore, bright colors, covering an entire vehicle won’t achieve this. Proper placement of shields, logos, and contact information is critical to a polished design. So if you want to see an example of how this is done check the Nolan Security vehicle graphics design.

Who is Nolan Security?

“NOLAN Security provides premium solutions for professional safety. Combining over a decade of experience and an innovative, responsive approach to security management; we guarantee we’ll be the last security company you will ever hire. The integrity and professionalism of our staff will give you a top quality security or event management experience and allow you to focus on your business, not its safety.”

What Does Nolan Security Do?


“Top quality, unarmed security personnel for a variety of positions and venues. Services include asset protection, mobile patrol, or fire watch. Eliminate daily distractions, increase productivity, and drive bottom line results.


Full service, respectable security professionals for special events and large venues. Security fencing rental is also available. Do what you do best and leave the crowd management and event logistics to us.


Highly trained, professional law enforcement officers for mandated circumstances and events. Don’t gamble with your safety, choose from uniformed or plain clothed officers.” — Nolan Security About

Do Your Vehicle Graphics Fit You and Your Customers? 

If you’d like to learn more about designing vehicle graphics that fit your needs as well as your customers, Contact Us, because we’re very “secure” in the opinion that we can help you.