Is it because I’ve been around vehicle graphics installers for eight years that I notice a lot of poorly wrapped vehicles on the road, or do you see them too? Some are private cars and trucks, but many are corporate vehicles. Whether it’s a person’s vehicle or organizations, a bad wrap is worse than no wrap at all. The difference is for the company it sends a negative message about the business. If you’re dead set on DIY, don’t make these mistakes. Here are five ways not to install vehicle graphics. If you want to be sure your vehicle graphics are applied correctly, Request a Quote from an expert.

Avoid These Mistakes When You Install Vehicle Graphics

Improper preparation – The surface must be completely clean and dry. It can’t have any grease, oil, or chemicals. Some solvents may be unseen by the naked eye yet will adversely affect how the adhesive vinyl sticks to the substrate. Surface damage should be repaired before applying graphics. Graphics don’t hide dents or adhere to rust.

Over stretching the vinyl – It’s easy to overstretch the adhesive vinyl especially around body lines such as wheel wells. It’s more complicated than simply knowing the process because there are hundreds of materials with different stretching limitations.

Not following up – Follow up includes proper wipe down and clean up, but it also includes activities such as casting. If you don’t know what casting is, you may want to reconsider doing this yourself. Casting is reheating vinyl that has been manipulated to reset its memory.

Not following proper cutting procedures – I asked the advice of Bill Moss, TKO Graphix Director of Installation Operations. Here’s what he said, “For example, if you’re cutting the hood or fender seam, there are sides of the seam where you make the cut and there are angles the blade has to be during the cut.”

Using the wrong material – This one happens a lot. We frequently get calls about product failure from other providers and most often it goes back to one of two reasons—improper application or using the wrong material for the job.

It may look easy…

But it’s not. Not when it’s done right the first time.  Adhesive vinyl graphic installation is a science and an art. If you’re not a vinyl graphics scientist or an application artist, put the pros to work for you. Call us at 1-888-544-8051. We’ll help you create a work of art.