At TKO we receive our fair share of reviews, for example as of 4/5/18 we have 61 Google reviews with a 4.9 out of 5 rating. We’re proud of how team TKO takes care of our clients. Our company embraces the philosophy that customers come first. Customer service always comes first with us.

Occasionally, we get a letter from a customer that speaks to who we are and what we try our best to accomplish with customer service, and this makes us smile. Here’s one of those letters. It’s from Steve Janusz the production manager at Stadtler Heating and Cooling in Westmont, IL. It was written to Shirley Wurster, TKO Graphix Fulfillment Coordinator.

The Letter

“Dear Shirley,

I wanted to send a note along to thank you and your organization for the fine job you did on our small fleet of trucks. The wraps look great and have given new life to our older vehicles.

The design stage was quick and efficient, including the small modifications/changes that we made and needed. The production time was swift even with the added “air shield “sections. The installation on our trucks went very well. The installation and additional prep work was done in a timely and neat fashion.

I am very impressed by your product and workmanship. Much praise and thanks to TKO Graphix for a job well done.

P.S. A special note of thanks to Dave and Mitch for their fine work. They were here early in the day and worked continuously to closing time and sometimes after. They were friendly and pleasant, and my dog Rico liked them, and he’s an excellent judge of good people. I would gladly recommend Dave and Mitch to anyone in need of truck wraps. Thanks TKO for sending us a great team.

P.S.S. Feel free to post this note as a recommendation from Sattler.”

 Who is Stadtler Heating and Cooling?

Stadtler Heating & Cooling is a 4th generation, family-owned and operated residential heating and cooling contractor. We’ve been located in the Downers Grove area for over 60 years and also service the surrounding western suburbs.

Currently, the business is owned and operated by Robert L. Stadtler and Karin Stadtler. We service and install residential furnaces and air conditioners, boilers, ductwork, and energy- and indoor air quality-management systems. Our focus is your total home comfort.” — Stadtler HVAC History

If Rico Likes us You Will Too!

How could Rico be wrong? As the letter from Steve says, “… my dog Rico liked them, and he’s an excellent judge of good people.” We think we’re a pretty good judge of people as well, and since 1985 we’ve been surrounding ourselves with teammates of character who care about customer service, and it shows. Just ask Steve – and Rico!

If we can offer any ideas and advice for your fleet large or small just let us know, Contact Us.

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden @aaronburden