Is your organization committed to giving back to the community? If the answer is yes, do you recognize your team’s efforts and celebrate their accomplishments? PERQ does, and in more ways than one. PERQ contributes financially to local charities and encourages their team by allowing employees to volunteer during business hours.  Their philosophy has always been that it’s their responsibility to support the community that helped them succeed. With that in mind, they wanted to encourage their staff and applaud their efforts with visual evidence—a community wall.

What is a Community Wall?

In its simplest form, it’s any space sharing the organizations charitable contributions both financial and volunteer. For PERQ, it meant taking their existing community board and expanding it to include an entire wall covered with images of their team in action supporting charitable events. The wall is a collage of photos with a large screen monitor looping the team in action sharing their most recent efforts. To stay on top of things, the adjoining wall acts as a calendar for upcoming actions.

How to Start a Community Wall

If you have the resources you can do what PERQ did, but keep in mind, they didn’t start there. You can begin much simpler and still be effective in sharing the message.

Place a white board in a high traffic area, such as a break or lunch room, and announce charitable actions
Use a bulletin board to post images of employees volunteering, flyers from charities, and thank you cards
Create a simple video by asking employees to take a few seconds of video at events on their smart phones. Share the video on social media and monitors throughout your organization

If your culture is one of giving back, reinforce this charitable behavior by recognizing your team’s accomplishments.  One way to do this is by creating a community wall for all to see, enjoy, and share in the pride of being part of a team who cares. How do you share your businesses charitable efforts?

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