The Ants Trucking graphics are clear. One of the most important considerations with fleet graphics especially on a 53-foot trailer is whether the brand is recognizable. Tractor-trailers are most often seen cruising the American highways at 55 MPH. Motorist only have moments to decipher the copy and images on the side of a trailer. The Ants Trucking graphics deliver their message in a matter of seconds.

Message Sent

Ants Trucking succeeds in sending its message and sharing their brand. It only takes one quick glance to realize this trailer is part of the Ants Trucking brand. The stylized ant logo makes it clear, and according to our customer service representatives, the ant is cute!

Tag This Line

The Ants Trucking tagline says it all, “One Call Hauls it All.” It’s a short and sweet tag that delivers. Besides that fact that we like rhymes, (it’s always time for a rhyme), this rhyme sticks in the mind, and that’s hard to find. Think about it. When you read this rhymed tag once, not only will you remember it, but the next time you need anything hauled who will you think of? I’ll bet Ants Tucking is on the list.

Who is Ants Trucking?

“The Act Now Trucking Service was founded in the 2010 by Tammy and Steve Schoen. We have been leaders in the truck transportation industry known as World Truck Transfer, started by my parents. Started with the concept of customer service and care set high standards throughout the industry.
The professional truckers, and an office staff with the mind set of no job is too big or too small.

The ANTS Trucking Company provides transportation services across the land. We are GPS equipped to handle complex logistics; coordinating the movement of freight between plants, ports, warehouses, or any destination. Our coordinated services allow our fleet to transport large loads between locations and bring products to market. Whether transcontinental or regional, we have a transportation plan to meet your needs. We are proud to offer flatbed, drop deck, landoll service, power only, decked units, truck trailers, semi-trailers, landoll service. Other services include recycling and removal of equipment and machinery.

From our centrally located office in Medina, Ohio we can coordinate your services with speed and precision. Our on-time and safety records are remarkable and illustrate why The ANTS Trucking Company is regarded as one of the nations finest. We at ANTS Trucking can give you a competitive advantage. Ensure that your freight is there on time, every time.” — Ants Trucking Company

Does Your Fleet Send the Right Message?

What message do your fleet graphics send? Does it fit your image? Do the graphics attract customers? If you hesitated before you answered you might want to consider talking it over with us.

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