Nowhere on this van wrap does it say cool, refreshing, or relaxing, but it’s there. Not one word mentions stress relief and enjoyment, yet when you look at this graphic you can feel it. Aqua Blue conveys the message that a well maintained swimming pool adds these things to your life. Saying it without words is the sign of an excellent vehicle graphic. Whether it’s installing, renovating, or inspecting pools—this fleet wrap informs you that Aqua Blue helps bring fun in the sun. There may be snow on the ground, but keep in mind, summer is right around the corner, and if this summer’s heat is anything like the winter’s cold, well then…

What Makes this Wrap Work?

• First of all it doesn’t try to say too much. I’ve seen van wraps that share logo, company name, slogan, motto, mission statement, phone number, website, and the owner’s image. Information overload leads to a lack of cohesion—it’s hard to share a story when you’re shouting several different plot lines. Aqua Blue shares their story.

• From the cool blue logo to the refreshing waves of water– the design oozes coolness. It’s refreshing just to look at, which is exactly what a swimming pool service company wants when it’s 102 in the shade. If you see this van driving down your street on a hot summer Saturday, you’re going to think about how soothing a new pool would be. It works.

• The copy is short, sweet, and effective. It conveys who Aqua Blue is, what they do, and how to reach them in easy to read and digestible pieces.

Aqua Blue Pool Service Helps central Indiana consumers with every aspect of their pool needs, from installation to cleaning and everything in between.

An effective wrap, such as this Aqua Blue service van, is a combination of knowing the company story and designing a vehicle graphic that shares the story at 55 MPH. Would you like to share your story?  Contact us—we love a good story.

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