Aqua Systems was founded in Indianapolis in 1959 as a water treatment company specializing in water softeners, purification systems, bottled water, and salt. They offer water solutions for home, business, and industry. They can be easily reached at 1-800-447-5582 or on their website, And…All of this information is elegantly shared on their trailer, and is clearly visible, even at 55 MPH. That’s what effective vehicle graphics do—share a story.

What Makes This Vehicle Wrap Work?

It’s deceptively simple. At first glance, the eye perceives several colors, but there’s only two, black and blue on white. The strategic placement of colors, coordinated fonts, and the use of fade makes it look like more than it is.

It tells a story. “Helping people improve their water since 1959.” With this seven word phrase we know what they do and how long they’ve been doing it, which inspires confidence. Think about it—the folks at Aqua Systems have specialized in one service for 55 years. They know what they’re doing by now.

It’s compelling. The rolling aqua blue water fading to white, the letters floating on the water, and the typography add up to graphics that are appealing on an artistic level.

The call to action stands out. By alternating colors on the website URL, what may have seemed a jumble of letters, becomes an easy to remember phrase. I love my water. Hard to forget isn’t it?

Where Is Aqua Systems Located?

Auqa systems has grown from a small local company, focused on home inspections, to a large corporation with centrally located retail superstores in Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Montana, and Nebraska.

If you’d like to learn how to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard, contact us and we’ll give you the best advice there is, not some watered down version.  

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