City of Brownsburg Exterior-lit Signage by TKO Signs

A very effective, yet, less known form of signage is EMC (Electronic Message Center) signage. This Brownsburg Town Hall message board is a brick monument sign with an EMC sign inset in the brick, and the sign sits on a concrete slab. Electricity is fed to the message center by conduit through the concrete slab. RWF (Long Range High Speed Wireless) is used to program the message remotely from the second floor of the Brownsburg Town Hall, eliminating the need for buried fiber optics. It a sign that sends a message. More than one. And not always the same one. 

The town of Brownsburg uses the sign to announce and promote local events, community awareness, and civic initiatives. For example, the sign recently mentioned an upcoming town hall meeting, office closings on Memorial Day, and scheduled sewer cleaning for sections of the town.

Check out this video featuring a message center sign being built and installed. If you’d like to learn more about how a message center can promote your community, send us a message.

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