We work with many police and fire departments, along with several emergency medical divisions. We’ve been designing, fabricating, and installing civic fleet graphics for a number of years, and we’ve learned what’s important and expected. For example, for the safety of all, emergency vehicles should be easily and quickly identified. So, most police cruisers have a professional appearance – primarily identifying department, jurisdiction, and vehicle. But occasionally, we’re asked to help with a design that’s a little more creative, like the car above.

The Design

This design includes all identification, but adds its own personal touches. By using the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association logo, the design’s message expands beyond the county to become part of something bigger. But the most eye-catching aspect of the design is the waving American flag. Because the flag symbolizes and reminds us these are the good guys and they’re here to protect us.

Clay County Sheriff 

Clay County, which was organized in 1825, is located in west central Indiana. The county seat is Brazil, Indiana. The Clay County Sheriff serves a population of 27,021, over an expanse of 364 square miles, including 803 miles of county roads and highways.

If you’d like to view similar graphics, our Portfolio includes a section on emergency vehicles.

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