Detour Express Catering, Car Wrap by TKO Graphix

This Detour Catering vehicle wrap shares a wealth of information without being too “busy.” Rather than being overly complicated and losing the message, it effectively shares several messages and call to actions.

This is accomplished by using every bit of space available, including the windows. The company’s logo is prominent with “catering – to go” added. There are images of their fine cuisine, and if you look closely, you’ll also find QR codes, social media icons, their phone number and location, and vendors such as Coke.

What is an American Grille?

The Detour American Grille “Is a Detour from your normal day. With a menu designed by one of 65 Certified Master Chefs in the country, it has something for everyone from burgers, wraps and salads to fresh fish or a steak, Detour has everything you need in one location. It has a family friendly atmosphere that also is a great place to catch a game, unwind after a long day with friends, or just get away from the daily grind. Detour, ‘A New Direction in Fresh Food!'”

What Should You Share on a Company Vehicle?

If you’ve wondered what you should share on a vehicle graphic, this is a good example. The wrap tells us what Detour is, what the company does — and most importantly — how to contact them. The contact information includes social media, QR codes, location, and phone number. If you’d like ideas on how to tell your story on a vehicle, give us a call or contact us; we’d be happy to help you share.

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