Photo Blog: Eagle USA

Fleet graphics don’t have to be over-the-top, outrageous, or multi-colored to be effective. Nor do they need to incorporate funny caricatures, unusual fonts, or slogans. Simple not only works – it can be elegant.

This Eagle USA fleet graphic is a good example. To begin with, except for the logo and image, it’s two colors on a white box truck. Simple. It mentions who they are and lists what they do in easy to read fonts. Simple. The only images included in the design are their logo and a Cooper Moon coffee. Simple. The bottom line is it simply works.

Eagle USA, Inc. is a commercial facility cleaning and refreshment service provider based in Chesterton, Indiana. With offices in Chicago, Michiana, and Northwest Indiana, they’ve proven being customer oriented leads to success. “Our continuing mission to build respected customer relationships and exceed expectations has defined our guiding principles.”

If you’d like ideas for your fleet graphics that drive the message home, it’s pretty “simple;” just contact us.

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