Photo Blog: Examples of Large Format Graphics?

First, I want to thank Josh Humble for this photograph — great shot sir! Second, it’s a good example of large format graphics used for trade shows. Large format graphics are often thought of as billboards or vehicle graphics, but that’s only one part of this genre. As shown in the photo, large format graphics includes all types of banners – overhead, popup, and retractable made of mesh, fabric, vinyl, or adhesive material. And not only banners, but kiosks, signs, and many other applications are a big part of this print category.

What are some types of large format graphics?

• Vehicle graphics
• Banners and billboards
• Wall, floor, and window graphics
• Trade show, retail, and event graphics

Although there is no formal definition of large format (sometimes called, “wide format”), it’s generally accepted as 17″ to 60″ wide. If you’d like to learn what large format print applications might work for your organization, be sure to contact us and check out our work.

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