Photo Blog: Ford Mustang Stripes

We wanted to share this photo because most of the vehicle graphics we present are about advertising. Whether it’s fleet graphics, vehicle wrap marketing, or decaling your work truck – our graphics usually include branding and a call to action – but not always.

For example, this Mustang has no marketing message. It’s strictly about appearance. The stripes not only make it look faster and muscle-ly-er (is that a word?), but the bold and bright tangerine stripes make this Mustang look like it’s moving when it’s sitting still! There’s another reason we chose this Mustang – it’s simple. Two stripes from the bumper to the trunk – uncomplicated, yet very effective. With the advent of digital printers, it’s easy to go over the top with vehicle graphics, but that’s not always best. Simple is good. Tell me this car doesn’t make you want to go Vroom – Vroom!

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