Geico Powersports tractor trailer, golf cart and scooter wraps

This photo is one of my favorite Josh Humble images from our vehicle wraps gallery. The striking simplicity of this image is almost subconscious. It’s a good shot, but it’s a lot more. It shows how a marketing campaign that includes vehicle wraps can incorporate multiple and varied vehicles. The Geico Powersports tractor-trailer, golf cart, and two scooters are all different vehicles, yet they convey the same message. Is it a coincidence that Geico also insures all types of vehicles? I don’t think so.

It would’ve been easy to stop at wrapping the trailer — it certainly is eye catching, but had it stopped there, an opportunity to show and tell would’ve been missed. Here’s the takeaway: before committing to a wrapping any vehicle as part of a marketing campaign, consider all your vehicles, what they’re used for, and how they might add to the effectiveness of the advertising.

If you’d like ideas on turning your fleet of vehicles into an advertising campaign, we‘d be happy to share. Contact us and we’ll help you — whether it’s wrapping your fleet of 53-foot trailers – or your son’s skateboard.

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