Photo Blog: Hoosier Helper Emergency Response Vehicle

Last summer, I was driving a TKO van near Chicago, when a tire blew out on I-65. Although the van had a spare tire, there was no jack. Besides, I wasn’t real fond of the idea of lifting this fully loaded vehicle with a jack, or empty it by the side of the busy highway. Thank goodness for my smart phone. I was able to find a towing company who would change the tire, but since they were 30 miles away and busy, it would take a couple hours. What choice did I have? It seems I had more choices than I thought.

Hoosier Hospitality 

An Indiana State Road Side emergency vehicle pulled up behind me and asked if I needed help. To make a long story short, I cancelled the previous call and was back on the road in 15 minutes. Not only was the responder well equipped and trained, he was a great guy.

Hoosier Helpers “Is a Good Samaritan program offered by INDOT to assist stranded motorists on Indiana interstates. The purpose of the program is to help keep Indiana interstates safe, provide traffic control and medical assistance at crash sites, and offer limited road side assistance if needed. Since the program began in 1991, Hoosier Helpers have come to the aid of more than 350,000 motorists.”

Along with tire changing, they offer minor mechanical repairs, fuel, removal of road debris, and provide some medical help. All Hoosier Helpers are trained in first aid.

It’s a Huge Help! 

With the winter snow and blizzard season upon us, it’s even more important to offer assistance to those stranded on our highways. Having experienced Hoosier Helper’s service, I can tell you I’m a believer. Unlike me, don’t go out unprepared, keep the Indiana State Police number (317-899-8577) with you, and they’ll connect you to a Hoosier Helper in your time of need.

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