It stands to reason a wrap for an automotive service should be outstanding, and this one is. Can you imagine sub-standard vehicle graphics on a truck advertising dent repair? It would lose some credibility, don’t you think? The design, layout, and application of this full wrap are eye-catching and effective.

Here’s Why it Works:

  • Overall presentation – Although the wrap is colorful and exciting the message isn’t diminished or lost in confusion.
  • Key Points – The most important information is well spaced and decipherable. The services offered are posted in highly readable bullet points, while the phone number and email address are clearly marked on both sides and the back of the vehicle.
  • Use of window film – The window film ties the entire package together. The rear window and sides take advantage of the space expanding the design possibilities. Can you imagine the claws beginning at the top of the door panel instead of the glass? It wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.

Who is Killa Dent Removal?

Located in Avon, IN. Killa Dent Removal is unlike traditional body repair shops; Killa uses a proven paintless repair system to restore hail damaged vehicles, door dings, and other auto body dings and dents. The Killa team has more than 20 years’ experience in dent repair. They work directly with insurance providers to help customers back on the road with factory quality repairs. For additional information or to make an appointment go to Killa Dent Removal.

Does Your Wrap Work?

Vehicle wraps have a job to do—advertise your products and services in an appropriate and convincing style. If your vehicles don’t bring you leads, if they don’t drive business, then they’re not working, and it’s time to put them to work. If you’d like ideas on how to turn your company vehicles into rolling commercials Let Us Know, we’ll help you put a dent in it.