Looking at the attention to detail of this application, how the decals fit the curves, the care taken around equipment. I can’t help but think about the many vehicle graphics I’ve seen that don’t live up to these standards. In vehicle graphics, you have to know what you’re doing to make it look easy. From making certain the materials are right for the job to knowing the tools needed for proper installation. It takes a lot to keep it simple.

The Lowest Price May Not be the Best Value

In business, we can all share stories of customers opting for something less than what they need. For example, there are hundreds of adhesive vinyls available, 3M offers over 100. But many are specialized for specific applications, which may not suit your needs. Opting for a cheaper material only to save money may cost more in the long run. The decals on the Liquid Transport vehicles were chosen to fit the needs of the customer and the application—not for price alone. If price was the primary consideration, less expensive materials, not manufactured to conform to the curvature of the tankers, might have been used. Using materials not designed to withstand the daily rigors of a transport tanker would’ve been a mistake—one that would reflect poorly on both provider and client. My father says, “Someone can always offer something cheaper by making it worse-er.”

Liquid Transport is an Indiana based company that has specialized in chemical transportation and distribution for over 75 years.

Applying graphics to a vehicle transporting chemicals calls for special consideration of materials. Take a lesson from this—when adding graphics to your vehicles be certain all your needs are being met. If you’ve thought about vehicle decals, wraps, or graphics removal let us know we’d be happy to sit down and figure out your best option.

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