This trailer wrap breaks the rules and that’s what makes it an outstanding wrap. One of the design elements we talk about is keeping the message simple and uncluttered. A busy background can make the message difficult to understand. Avoid busy backgrounds and images that distract the eye from the message. The background of this trailer wrap is beyond busy, but it doesn’t detract from the message. Just the opposite, the background draws attention to the message. It adds to it and helps promote the cause. It works.

What Makes this Trailer Wrap Work?

The industrial background rather than taking away from the hierarchy of the message enhances it, but how? In particular, three aspects of the design accomplish this.

  1. A Simple Message

Had the message been multiple points cluttered against the background then the design would’ve failed. Too much copy and too many images would combine to create a vehicle graphic where the message was lost in confusion. The copy presented on every side of the trailer sticks with name and logo, tagline, phone number, and web address.

Maddox has a lot they could talk about. For example, the wrap could’ve shared the many things they do.

Full-Service Industrial Contractors

  • Industrial Mechanical
  • Piping Systems
  • Precision Millwright
  • & Rigging Services
  • Equipment Installations
  • Specialty Metal Fabrication
  • Maintenance Services
  • Design Build
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Treatment Systems
  • Steel Fabrication
  • & Installation
  • Industrial Electrical
  • & Process Controls

Adding all of this to the wrap would be a major distraction.

  1. Excellent use of Color

The copy stands out against the industrial background to a large part because of the colors used for the copy: black, white, and a nearly fluorescent yellow contrast nicely with the gray color pallet of the industrial background image.

  1. Outlining and Shading

As good as the color contrast is, it didn’t pop. It didn’t stand out from the background. This was accomplished by outlining the letters, black letters were outlined in white, white in black, and yellow in black, and then shading (looks like shadows) was added to create an even more powerful three dimensional look.

Much of the credit for this design goes to TKO Graphix master designer Jamie Burch. MIG supplied images, the logo, and ideas. Jamie added the rest. My two favorite parts of the design are the drop shadows, and what Jamie calls the yellow “swoop” that runs from the top of the trailer to the bottom of the door.

Who is Maddox Industrial?   

“In 1984, Maddox Industrial Group was founded to support both the public utility and private industrial markets. Maddox offers you a solid background of experience in a company that is large enough to handle tough projects while offering flexible, responsive, and customer-focused service.

Maddox Industrial Group employs talented, versatile craftsmen with wide industry experience who will deliver excellent results on your project. Our long term employees are precision millwrights, pipe fitters, and certified welders who are skilled at executing your unique and challenging projects.” —Maddox Industrial

If you’d like to learn more about trailer wraps Contact Us, we’d be happy to help you; we’re “industrious” that way.