The graphics on this Milto Cleaners delivery van are—clean. As we’ve said before and will repeat, the most important aspect to vehicle graphics is sharing the message; everything else is secondary.

What Makes This Wrap Clean?

To begin with, it’s uncluttered. Nothing detracts from the message and call to action—your eyes are drawn to it. Two colors, black and red on a white background, a simple yet elegant logo of crossed hangers, and the typography add up to an effective design. Simple. Effective. Elegant. The phone number is easy to read—it’s a good font and size, displayed in multiple locations. And what sets Milo cleaners apart? For one thing, fabric restoration services and it says it—right there on the truck.

What Else Sets Milto Cleaners Apart?

Milto Cleaners was founded in 1970 by Phil Milto Sr and continues to be operated by his family. With multiple South Indianapolis and Greenwood locations they’re convenient to the Southside. But their locations are only the tip of the iceberg in convenience. They offer free pick-up and delivery designed for the busy customer. If you’re not home they’ll help you designate a pick-up location, there’s no minimum, and no extra charge. I’m not sure how they do it.

Miltos is known for restoration of smoke, fire, and water damaged garments. And not only garments but, “ … draperies, blinds, bedspreads, comforters, leathers, suedes, furs, area rugs, shoes, cushions, pillows, stuffed animals and more.” They use an ozoning process to eliminate smoke and odors. “Ozoning is the process passing Oxygen (O2) through an electrical charge, which splits the oxygen atom. The third atom combines with the opposite atoms, making Ozone (O3), a pure form of oxygen. Ozone (O3) breaks down the hydrocarbons (smoke) into carbon dioxide and moisture. The process is the only true way to remove smoke odor from fabrics.” And, it’s risk free, if they can’t fix it there’s no charge.

If you have company vehicles and have thought about adding vehicle graphics or have considered changing what you have—give us a shout. We can help you make your vehicle a mean clean machine.

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