Photo Blog: Montgomery County Police Trailer

Whenever I read or hear the words, “police vehicle,” I picture a cruiser, a patrol car, or a squad car. Because, patrol cars are what we see on police TV series and the nightly local news. It’s what we’re familiar with, but there are many different types of vehicles. Because we’ve wrapped every type of police vehicle from motorcycles to 53′ semi trailers, and everything in between.

The featured trailer is used at events to increase the visibility and exposure of the department. It’s set up at fairs, festivals, and outings throughout Montgomery County. It could recently be seen at the Montgomery County Strawberry Festival, and next month, it’ll be at the 4H Fair. The side of the trailer opens out into a canopy and two or three sheriff personnel man the display. They pass out cups and souvenirs to children, and answer various questions — including highway safety, veterans’ services, hand gun licensing, etc. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s department “Serves a population of 38,173. The area covered is 504 square miles which includes 845 miles of County Roadways and 160 miles of State Highways. The Sheriff’s Department is in charge of all law enforcement actions for the county and to maintain a County Jail and provide service to the Courts.”

So, if you own a trailer — whether it’s used as a food truck, horse trailer, or hauling tools and supplies for your business we can help you make it something attractive to take to any event or impress any customer. If you’d like to know more, contact us — we’d be happy to help.