Kid Rock limousine from Olinger - vehicle wrap by TKO Graphix

Can you think of a better way to arrive at a concert than riding in a limousine wrapped with the artist’s brand? That’s exactly what this Limo is and how it was used. I believe it was used “All Summer Long.” And no one was “Wasting Time,” as it really gets the “Picture” across! (a couple of Kid Rock hits, for those unaware).

Who is Glazer’s Distributors?

When this photo was taken in May of 2010, the Kid Rock Limousine was sponsored by Olinger Distribution. Which has become part of the Glazer’s family of companies. Glazer’s began in 1909 in Dallas, Texas. As Glazer’s Distributors explains, “Today the company distributes and markets beverages in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Mississippi. As well as Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Arizona, Tennessee, Alabama and the Virgin Islands. Glazer’s has grown dramatically through the years by acquiring distribution rights from a variety of suppliers. And by building a strong reputation in the industry for customer service.”

Can Vehicles be Wrapped for Special Events?

Wraps are most often associated with longer term company branding and calls to actions, which may remain on a vehicle for several years, but that isn’t always the case. Because wraps and decals can be used for special events. There are adhesive vinyls manufactured for short term use, along with magnetics and materials designed to be re-used. Before your next event, check with a certified large format graphics provider for short-term vehicle graphics ideas. If you want to just say, “Lay it on Me,” we’ll do our best to give you some “Outstanding” ideas.

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