Last week, much of Indiana shut down due to subzero temperatures and almost a foot of snow. Most counties posted a red Travel Advisory Alert, which limits travel to emergency vehicles. As we watched the local news, we saw road crews, utility personnel, and first responders working under nearly impossible conditions. The first responders included fire fighters coaxing frozen gear, equipment, and water supplies to save lives in our community, state, and across the nation despite the danger to themselves. We saw emergency personnel—EMT’s and ambulance drivers responding to the needs of others regardless of snow covered roadways and arctic conditions. We heard the behind the scenes team members answering phones, advising those in peril, and dispatching crews where they were most needed. And we saw the Pike Township Ambulance Wrap in action. We we’re awed and proud. The men and women who do this aren’t praised enough. 

Pike Township Township Fire Department

The department  is headquartered at located at 4881 W. 71st St, Indianapolis. Besides emergency services, they offer many community initiatives such as fire prevention and safety education. Their mission is, “To safeguard our community through services designed to protect life and property.”

Have You Said Thank You?

TKO Graphix is privileged to work with emergency teams all over the state including the outstanding Pike Township Fire Department. Our hats go off to all of you and what you do. Because we don’t think it can be said enough—thank you. So, join us and take a minute or two today and show your appreciation for these remarkable public servants by saying thank you. So, like what you’re reading? Join us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, and let’s continue the conversation.