Rural King truck graphics by TKO Graphix

At first glance, one might wonder if this 53’ semi-trailer wrap is sponsored by Rural King, Redbrand Fencing, or the FFA. Although it’s Rural King’s trailer, the wrap promotes all three brands / entities. We’ve wrapped a dozen trailers for Rural King, but unlike most fleets, each Rural King trailer is wrapped with a different design. Rural King partners with suppliers and co-promotes products, which are available in Rural King outlets.

I asked Glenn Burris, our National Sales Consultant, to list suppliers featured in Rural King wraps. They include:
Scotts Miracle Grow
Channel Lock
Ruckers Candy
Chapin International

Two for One – Advertising Together

Co-opted advertising is a traditional agribusiness strategy. Since semi-trailer wraps are a form of advertising, they’re rolling billboards; it makes sense for retailers and suppliers to work together. In this case, it went one step further — Redbrand used the wrap to promote its continued support of FFA. Our hats go off to Rural King and this shared advertising initiative.

Who is Rural King?

Rural King is headquartered in Mattoon, Illinois. Founded in 1960, they currently have more than 60 locations. Something that sets them apart is the variety of products not usually found in retail outlets, such as livestock feed, farm equipment, and agricultural parts, mixed with more traditional products like clothing, housewares, and toys. As they say, “You never know what you will find at your local Rural King and that’s why every trip is an adventure.” I enjoy the helpful staff, new products, and free popcorn when I visit Rural King.

Have you ever co-opted advertising campaigns with vendors or partners? If so, how did it work? In what media was the advertising? Would you consider co-opting on a fleet vehicle? If you’d like to share ideas, we’d be happy to co-operate with you.

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