What should a tractor pull super semi wrap include? Considering this Walker Ag Group father & son pulling team tractor competes in the NTPA (National Tractor Pull Association), the graphics should be recognizable, tough, and fun. To achieve this, we used bright colors, easy to read fonts, and fun images. I don’t think anyone can miss this truck.

What is Tractor Pulling?

The NTPA explains, “Tractor pulling is a competitive motor sport in which modified farm tractors, modified tractors or trucks drag a metal sled along a prescribed course. The sled contains a box filled with weight that is mechanically winched forward as the sled progresses along the course. Pulling this ever-increasing load eventually causes the vehicle to lose forward momentum and torque, although a rare few might indeed reach the end of the course, known as a “full pull.” The distance from start to finish is measured in thousandths of an inch and the tractor that pulls the sled the farthest distance is declared the winner. If more than one competitor reaches the full pull mark, a pull-off is held to determine a winner.”

What is a Super Semi?

A super semi appears to be a stock truck, but there are a few differences. Turbo chargers are used to boost the power and torque. The engine must be a production engine, tires are DOT approved, and it’s fueled by diesel. All in all, it’s a truck fans can relate to.

This fun wrap got a lot of attention in the shop because the wrap fits the rig and the sport. Do your fleet and vehicle graphics fit you and your industry? If you’d like design ideas, we’d be happy to share. We do a pretty good job of “pulling our weight.”

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