Dodge Challenger Vehicle Wrap

The graphics challenge for this Dodge Challenger was to add to the mystique of this classic brand, and not take away from it. Vehicle graphics don’t have to be complex to be effective. If the design becomes too busy, it can be distracting. There’s a place for simplicity and elegance in most creative endeavors, whether it’s interior decorating, web design, or vehicle graphics… bigger, brighter, and louder aren’t always better.

The traditional dual racing stripes frame this car perfectly. Adding more graphics would’ve detracted from the overall appearance. It’s the perfect accent for this 21st century muscle car, a throwback to when a vehicle’s stripes were hand-painted. The uncomplicated graphics enhance this modern Challenger’s 1960’s beastliness.

Do you have vehicle graphics on your personal vehicle? Did you keep it simple or go all out? Are you considering graphics, but haven’t made up your mind? If you want to learn about graphics options for your vehicle let us know — we’re up to the challenge.

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