Photo Blog: US Army Trailer

There aren’t many more revered and honored institutions in these United States than the US Army. Everyone knows about them. The US Army is branded. With that in mind, do they really need promotional graphics on their trailers?

What’s the Army Virtual Experience?

It’s a life-size full action video game—a combat simulator. Based on the America’s Army video game, players face combat in a virtual reality, side-by-side with comrades and carrying life-size weapons, while attempting to rescue aid workers. It takes the video game out of the bedroom and into the battlefield. George Munro, who travels with the Virtual Army Experience Simulator, said, “It takes video games to a whole new level. It’s not by any means what soldiers are doing every day, but it’s as close to realistic as you’re going to get.”

Back to my Question

Should the United States Army put graphics on their vehicles? The graphics on this trailer introduced me to the Virtual Army Experience. I’d never heard of it—had you? There’s your answer. When an organization has a new campaign, it’s easier to realize the importance of delivering the message with visual awareness and branding. But all information that advances the goals of any organization should be shared where it’s highly visible—like on 53′ trailers.

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