Stair Riser Graphics at Tradeshow by TKO Graphix

If you were asked to name something that vinyl decals were applied to, would you say vehicles? Because most people would. Installing vinyl decals and wraps on vehicles may be the most widely used application, but it’s not the only one. It’s true, adhesive vinyl graphics have been applied to every type of vehicle imaginable, but there are almost unlimited applications besides vehicles.

Buildings, storefronts, and walls are examples of spaces where vinyl graphics may be creatively used. Because almost anything that, historically, was painted on a window or wall can be accomplished with adhesive vinyl. This photo is an imaginative use of vinyl graphics — who would have thought of wrapping a staircase for a trade show? There are even materials designed for application on carpeted stairwells. So, vinyl graphics aren’t limited to vehicles; they can be used almost anywhere a message can be seen. If you’d like ideas on imaginative uses of vinyl graphics, we’d love to have a discussion with you about the possibilities… we can rap about wraps. Contact us here.

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