Plainfield Fire Protection Emergency Rescue Vehicle
Besides this being an excellent example of the work we do with municipalities (and a fine photo from Josh Humble), there’s another reason for sharing this photo today. Our public servants do a lot of good work — and not just what’s expected of them. Yes, they serve and protect, and often risk themselves for us, but they do so much more. They volunteer, spearhead, and promote charitable events year-round by donating their time, funds, and hearts. This time of year, fireman, policeman, and first-responders are especially visible, celebrating the season by giving back. You can support your local heroes by helping their charitable initiatives. Simply Google your local fire and police departments + “Charities”, or call them to learn what charities they support. Helping them help others strengthens our communities. If you live in Plainfield and would like to contribute, the Plainfield Fire District is a Toys for Tots drop-off. They’ll also provide you with best practices and tips for holiday fire prevention.