We enjoy working with Troy Stone and the Vintage Trailers team; last year we wrapped their custom built racing trailer and this year we have the privilege of wrapping one of their race cars. They came to us because we know what we’re doing. We’ve not only been wrapping vehicles for years, but we have our own fleet of company vehicles—we understand the needs of a fleet manager.

The Vintage Trailer Team—is a Race Team

Troy shared that many of the features and innovations they’ve incorporated into their trailers have come from their personal racing experiences and by asking other racers what they want on a racing trailer. I’m not certain if they’re a race team who builds trailers or a trailer fabricator who races. Regardless, the best people to consult about your needs are those who live in your world and understand your challenges, opportunities, and needs.

Here’s What Vintage Has to Say About it

“At Vintage Trailers racing is truly in our DNA. We have a race car that we take to the track in style in our own custom built Vintage trailer. Being at the track among many different kinds of racers has given Vintage a unique perspective on the racing world. Many of the improvements and extras that we have incorporated into our trailers have come from talking one on one in the pits with drivers and crew members. We build our trailers with our passion for the sport which is clearly translated into the reliable, quality-built trailer that we produce each and every time. It is our goal at Vintage Trailers to not only meet, but more importantly to exceed the expectations of our customers who share our passion for the racing experience.” If you’d like to learn more about the race car, here are the particulars, Vintage trailers Dragster Info.

Who Knows What You need?

Whether you need a racing trailer or a vehicle graphics—go to the experts, the people who understand what you need and want. Go to the folks who live in your world; who understand what you do because it’s what they do. If you’d like winning ideas for your fleet graphics let us know—we’ll help you take the checkered flag.

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