In this video, Bill Moss, TKO Graphix installation manager, discusses removing and replacing vehicle decals as we watch a TKO installation crew updating the graphics on a Plainfield, Indiana Police Department  SUV. So, according to Bill, the Plainfield Police change their vehicle graphics about every three years. This year the new decals were chosen by the department’s staff.

How it’s Done

The process begins by heating the old vinyl graphics with a torch then pulling them carefully off the vehicle. Because, any residual vinyl is removed using a soft cloth and a citrus based cleaner. Therefore new graphics are measured, marked, positioned, and squeegeed in place. The department’s new decal package included copy, stripes, shields, and unit numbers.

Do You Lease?

Many vehicle leases hold the lessee responsible for the removal of all graphics before returning the vehicle. TKO Graphics full time employee crews are expert at de-identification (vinyl graphics removal), and we’re happy to offer our help. Even more importantly, we can take off the old AND install the new all at the same time—just another of our one stop shop services. If you need helping swapping the old for the new give us a shout.

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