I met Larry and Bev Nelson in the installation bay at TKO Graphix. They had driven from Coralville, Iowa to have their work van wrapped. That’s right. Coralville. Iowa. That’s 360 miles, 5 ½ hours, to have a vehicle wrapped. Why would anybody drive that far for fleet and vehicle graphics?

That’s a Good Question

So I asked Bev and Larry why. They told me they first went to a local provider in Iowa, but the graphics shop didn’t meet their needs, and they were a lot more expensive than TKO. The Nelson’s enjoyed working directly with our designers to create a graphic that as Bev said, “Looks like a scene from home.” The original picturesque farm background had a lighter sky, but when Bev suggested a deeper shade of blue, it popped—you can see for yourself. Larry said, “This is our moving billboard, and it’s the cheapest advertising there is. I can amortize this for five years, and it more than pays for itself.”

How did the Nelson’s end up in Plainfield, Indiana?

The Nelson’s have been in the HVAC business for 33 years; the last eight as a Bryant dealer. They were first introduced to TKO Graphix at a trade show hosted by the Habegger Corporation, a Bryant distributor. TKO offers an in-house fulfillment program through Bryant distributors with special discounts for dealers. The Nelson’s said it was well worth the trip. Besides…there was a piece of equipment they wanted that was in West Lafayette, Indiana. That’s more than enough reason for a road trip isn’t it? If you ask the Nelson’s it certainly is.

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Thank You!

It was a joy meeting and doing business with such fine folks as Bev and Larry Nelson. And it was a thrill to watch how excited they were with their new vehicle graphics. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Nelson—it was our pleasure.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bryant Fulfillment program contact us—we might even meet you halfway.