Screen Print FAQ: How do You Match Color?

There are several ways to match color using screen print. We specialize in large format screen graphics and how we match to your specific color is both art and science.

• To begin, we request a sample of the color from you.
• We match it to the closest Pantone Color.
• We then add inks to zero in on a match.
• After that, we send a sample to you for approval.
• If we haven’t met your expectations, we continue to adjust the mix until we find your exact match.

Think of it like mixing house paint to an exact color, except without a computer generated formula. We add and subtract various hues of ink mixing them to meet your needs. The advantage to this color matching system is we’re not limited to a finite number of colors such as Pantone, but can match your branded color exactly. If you do have a branded PMS or Pantone color, we can match that as well.

If you need an exact match for your large format graphics needs, our screen print department can help you. Call us at 1-888-544-8051 or request a quote.